University of Wisconsin–Madison

Radiology Interest Group

Mission Statement

A few of the 2015 Radiology Interest Group members (L-R): Marki Klapperich, Jimmie Xu, Matt Smith, Matthieu Mayer

The mission of the Radiology Interest Group is to educate medical students about the field of radiology, to provide opportunities for medical students to interface with radiology residents and faculty, and to provide avenues and information for students to go into radiology research and/or a radiology residency.

Student Co-Leaders

How to Get Involved

Please contact Matt or Andrew to be added to our listserv. We use our listserv to inform members of our upcoming events.

Calendar of Events

The Radiology Interest Group hosts several events throughout the academic year. For both the fall and spring semesters, a noon talk is held with a speaker from the UW Department of Radiology. Our premier event of the year is our annual dinner, which is held every January/February. In our annual dinner, students are treated to a dinner in the Madison area along with the opportunity to meet numerous faculty, residents, and fellows from the UW Department of Radiology. Attendees have consistently stated what a wonderful event this is and how it has been extremely beneficial for learning more about the field of radiology.

Past Speakers and Topics

  • 2015
    • Feb 12: George Carberry: International Opportunities in Radiology
    • Jan 15: Faculty/Resident Panel Discussion
  • 2014
    • Mar 31: Jason Stephenson: Getting Involved in Radiology Research
  • 2013
    • Oct 21: Eric Knavel – Introduction to Radiology
    • Mar 22: Bradley Maxfield: Pediatric Radiology
  • 2012
    • Nov 6: Perry Pickhardt: Virtual Colonoscopy
    • Aug 9: Radiology Residency Panel
    • April 9: Pursuing Radiology 101
  • 2011
    • Oct 24: Pamela Propeck: Breast Imaging
    • Apr 26: Jason Pinchot: Interventional Radiology
  • 2010
    • Sept 14: John McDermott: Interventional Radiology
    • Apr 5: Chris Brace: Ablation
  • 2009
    • Oct 22: Patrick Turski: Neuro-Related MR Imaging
    • Feb 10: Aaron Field: Neuroradiology

Faculty Advisors

Tabby Kennedy, MD

Associate Professor (CHS)

(608) 265-0802

Jessica Robbins, MD

Associate Professor (CHS)

(608) 265-4930