University of Wisconsin–Madison

Neuroradiology Fellowship | Application

Neuroradiology as a specialty will be using ERAS to facilitate the application process for Neuroradiology Fellowships.  To submit an application to the University of Wisconsin Neuroradiology Fellowship you will need to create an account through ERAS:  ERAS for applicants

University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics Accreditation ID: 4235621022

Neuroradiology Fellowship Application and Interview Timeline:

Residents can begin working on their applications in the ERAS system: June 6, 2019
ERAS begins accepting applications: November 21, 2019
Programs can start reviewing applications; Interview Season Commences: December 1, 2019
*Applicants will be contacted to set up an interview at UW.
Interview End Date (based on SCARD recommendations): March 31, 2020
Match Date: Established by the NRMP- TBD (June, 2020)

NRMP Match: This program participates in the NRMP Sub-Specialty Fellowship Match and will comply with all specified dates on the NRMP calendar.  The dates for NRMP have not yet been finalized by the NRMP.

ASNR Resources: For additional resources through the ASNR visit the ASNR fellowship portal

Questions: If you have questions or require additional information please contact the program coordinator, Sarah Parker at or the program director, Dr. John-Paul Yu at