Cr Thresholds Table

Cr Thresholds Table 

The following is intended to serve as a guideline for performing diagnostic studies that require contrast medium. Each case is unique and there will be times when the benefit of information gained from contrast administration will supersede the potential risk of reaction or renal toxicity. The following guidelines may not apply in these cases or in life-threatening emergencies.  If contrast media administration is required for a life-threatening diagnosis, then it should not be withheld based on kidney function.

UW Guidelines for Contrast Selection


Contrast Creatinine eGFR
Iohexol ≤ 1.4 > 50
Iodixanol 1.4 – 1.8 50-40
No Contrast > 1.8 < 40


Contrast Creatinine eGFR
Iohexol < 1.8 > 40
Iodixanol 1.8 – 2.4 40-30
No Contrast > 2.4 < 30