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Cardiovascular Imaging

The cardiovascular section (formerly the MRI section) has long provided innovative, advanced clinical care in MR angiography, cardiac MR, and more recently, CT angiography. Our physicians work closely with the University of Wisconsin MRI research group to develop and translate advanced noninvasive angiographic techniques into clinical practice, providing the best possible cardiovascular imaging techniques to our patients.

Specific protocols include:

  • pulmonary MRA for detecting pulmonary embolus
  • MRA and CTA of the aorta in the chest, abdomen, and pelvis
  • pre- and post-endostent evaluation with CTA and MRA
  • time-resolved MRA and CTA of the upper extremities and lower extremities
  • renal artery MRA and CTA
  • cardiac MRI and CTA
  • evaluation of pelvic congestion syndrome
  • and pre-surgical evaluation of lower extremity and abdominal wall vasculature with MRA and CTA prior to plastic surgery reconstruction (fibular grafts and abdominal wall free flaps)

In addition, our 3-D lab provides advanced 3-D visualization and post-processing for optimal visualization of anatomy, pathology and surgical planning.

Cardiovascular Imaging Faculty
L-R: Christopher J. François, M.D. (Section Chief), Mark L. Schiebler, M.D.,
Thomas M. Grist, M.D., FACR, Scott K. Nagle, M.D., Ph.D.,
Scott B. Reeder, M.D., Ph.D.; Missing: Oliver Wieben, Ph.D.

Last updated: 4/22/2016
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