There are 17 people who work regularly on the CT Protocol Optimization team, with contributions from many others in the Radiology and Physics Departments who are too numerous to mention herein. These experienced and qualified team members range in responsibility from radiologists with diverse subspecialties, to medical physicists, to technologists and radiology managers, to an administrative professional. Their roles on the project team are reflected below:

  • Lisa Aumann MBA – Project Administrator
  • Gregory D Avey MD – CT Section Lead-Neuroradiology
  • Carrie Bartels RT(R)(CT) – Lead CT Project Technologist / Senior CT Technologist
  • Robert K Bour MD – Validation Support and CT Modality Chief-Community
  • Richard Bruce MD – PACS and Radiance QA Programming
  • Christopher J François MD – CT Section Lead-Cardiovascular
  • Kara G Gill MD – CT Section Lead-Pediatrics
  • Jeffrey P Kanne MD– CT Section Lead-Chest
  • Meghan G Lubner MD – CT Section Lead-Abdominal
  • Kandace Nowakowski – CT Radiology Manager-The American Center
  • Myron Pozniak MD – CT Protocol Project Manager/Team Lead
  • Kari Pulfer – CT Radiology Manager-1 South Park Street Clinic
  • Frank Ranallo PhD, DABR – Medical Physicist
  • Jason W Stephenson MD – CT Section Lead-Musculoskeletal
  • Tim Szczykutowicz PhD, DABR – Medical Physicist / ISO Specialist
  • Peter Wasmund RT, MBA– CT Radiology Manager-University Hospital
  • Gary Wendt MD, MBA – PACS and Radiance QA Programming

The fusion of the clinical expertise of our radiologists, the technical oversight of our physicists, and the practical feedback of our technologists is essential to the success of this entire program. The process of routine collaboration among the team members has led to the development of a very robust set of CT protocols. As technology changes and the medical sciences advance, UW’s protocols continue to evolve.

CT Protocols Advisory Board
taken at Medical Advisory Board meeting on 05/12/2017.

UW CT Protocol Optimization Team Photo

Back Row, L-R:Myron Pozniak, MD; Greg Avey, MD; Meg Lubner, MD; Pete Wasmund, MBA,RT(R); Kara G. Gill, MD;
Rob Bour, MD; Kandace Nowakowski, MSM,RT(R); Tim Szczykutowicz, PhD, DABR; Jason Stephenson, MD; Tom Grist, MD
Front Row, L-R:Chris François, MD; Frank Ranallo, PhD, DABR; Carrie Bartels, RT(R)(CT); Lisa Aumann, MBA
Not Pictured:Jeff Kanne, MD

We’d like to recognize and thank our team members. For additional information, click on the names below to get to their profile: