Staff by Section

Administrative Assistants

Timothy Becker-Solic

Associate Administrative Program Specialist (Project, Space, and Quality Coordinator)

(608) 263-8311

Mark Connolly

Senior Administrative Program Specialist

(608) 263-4233

Kelsey Dzanic

Medical Program Assistant Associate (Breast Imaging)

(608) 263-9377

Ashley Hinrichs

Senior Administrative Assistant to the Vice Chair of Operations, Vice Chair of Research and CVMR Section

(608) 263-6042

Holly Jackson

Medical Program Assistant Senior (Neuroendovascular/Angio, Chest)

(608) 263-8328

Lynda Meade

Medical Program Assistant Senior (Pediatric Imaging)

(608) 263-9088

Ellen Morin

University Services Program Associate

(608) 265-3422

Maggi Schrader

Radiology Graduate Medical Education Program Coordinator

(608) 263-8310

Sarah Voight

Medical Program Assistant Associate (Nuclear Medicine)

(608) 263-5585

Julie Wills

Administrative Operations Assistant

(608) 417-4435


Christopher Temme

Senior University Relations Specialist

(608) 262-2439


Information Technology

Bob Ash

Information Processing Consultant

(608) 265-9572

Daryn Belden

Senior Information Processing Consultant

(608) 262-4328

Florian Braun

Assoc Information Processing Consultant

Andrew Craven, MBA

IT Supervisor (Senior Information Processing Consultant)

(608) 265-1164

Wendy Delaney

Senior Information Processing Consultant

Sean Gonzalez

Senior Information Processing Consultant

(608) 265-4584

Hoklan Hau

Information Processing Consultant (Imaging Analyst)

HR, Payroll, and Benefits

Radiology Outreach

Lisa Aumann, MBA

Senior Radiology Project Specialist, Outreach

(608) 265-2889


Liang Cheng

Visiting Associate Professor

Jennifer Cox

Administrative Program Specialist (Project Manager, Dr. Burnside)

(608) 263-4876

Gemma Gliori

Sr. Administrative Program Specialist (IRB Specialist)

(608) 262-7269

Sara John

Administrative Program Specialist

(608) 262-5421

Scott Knishka

Facility and Operations Manager, Radiopharmaceutical Production Facility

(608) 263-0359

Eric Mischo

Senior Information Processing Consultant

(608) 265-0804

Ellen Morin

University Services Program Associate

(608) 265-3422

Amber Niay

Associate Instrumentation Technologist

(608) 261-1940

Nancy Odalen

Senior Administrative Program Specialist

(608) 262-9400

Amber Possell

Instrumentation Technologist

Lorene Seman, MBA

Senior Administrative Program Specialist, Research

(608) 265-8540

Haiyan Sun

Visiting Associate Professor

Yongua Zhan

Visiting Associate Professor

SMPH Administration

Hospital Administration