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If you are interested in getting involved with the UW RAD-AID Chapter, email us at radaidmadison@gmail.comicon: send email

Mission Statement

To promote radiology education and clinical services through collaboration with local health care partners in providing, sustaining and improving accessibility of quality radiologic services in underserved communities and countries of the world.

UW RAD-AID Chapter

The department of radiology initiated its radiology global outreach program through collaboration with the non-profit organization RAD-AID Internationalexternal link. The UW RAD-AID chapter was founded in 2013 by Department of Radiology faculty and residents and since then has had increasing participation from residents, faculty, and technologists.

Clinical Services and Project

Past or Ongoing Project

Upcoming Projects

UW RAD-AID chapter is collaborating with RAD-AID international to expand the department's participation in Nepal and Laos country programs. Stay tuned for upcoming trips.

Global Radiology Outreach During Residency

The UW Radiology residency program identifies the educational value in radiology global outreach experience for our trainees. As such, a mentored global radiology elective is being offered for our residents, which entails clinical in-country experience that focuses on teaching our residents the array of pathologies encountered in different regions of the world and the processes and challenges of delivery of imaging services in resource limited health care systems. Residents are also expected to participate in educational projects and scholarly activities pertaining to the field of radiologic sciences in a resource limited, international environment.

Prior participating residents: George Carberry, Andrew Schapiro, Erica Knavel, Jeanine Ruby

Volunteer Opportunities

Every contribution is valuable and greatly appreciated. There is a need for all expertise at all levels. Just list the areas that you can assist in and we will match you with the appropriate project. If you are interested in volunteering e-mail: radaidmadison@gmail.comicon: send email

Last updated: 1/19/2018
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