Cardiovascular Imaging


Thank you for your interest in cardiovascular imaging at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Department of Radiology. The Cardiovascular Imaging Section has long provided innovative, advanced clinical care in non-invasive cardiovascular imaging, including cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), magnetic resonance angiography (MRA), cardiac and coronary computed tomography (CCTA), and computed tomography angiography (CTA). The volume of clinical studies has grown continuously and we now perform over 5000 non-invasive cardiovascular CT and MR studies each year.

The members of our section are very active and renowned locally, nationally, and internationally with over 550 peer-reviewed publications, 30 book chapters, 1200 scientific presentations, and 50 patents. Time-resolved contrast-enhanced MRA (TRICKs), pulmonary MRA for pulmonary embolism, non-contrast-enhanced MRA, four-dimensional (4D) flow MRI, low-dose CTA and CCTA, and 3D printing are just a few examples of the innovations developed by our group that have had a significant impact on clinical care locally and beyond.

In addition to our academic achievements, as the Cardiovascular Imaging Section, we pride ourselves on our collegiality among the faculty, with our trainees, and with referring colleagues. We work closely with colleagues in Cardiovascular Medicine  , Cardiothoracic Surgery Vascular Surgery , and Pediatric Cardiology , among others, to ensure our patients receive the best possible cardiovascular imaging available.

Vision Statement

The Cardiovascular Imaging Section at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Department of Radiology will be an internationally recognized leader in clinical practice, research, and teaching of innovative methods to diagnose cardiovascular diseases.

General Information

The Cardiovascular Imaging Section is composed of five sub-specialized clinical faculty physicians and two research scientists. The clinical faculty physicians are experts in the use of cardiac MRI, MRA, CCTA and CTA for the non-invasive evaluation of cardiovascular diseases. We are actively involved in advancing the clinical and research mission of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. We provide clinical services at all of our UW Health imaging sites, including the Clinical Sciences Center, Research Park, Digestive Health Center, The American Center, and the Wisconsin Institute for Medical Research (WIMR).

Our group has extensive external funding and research support in developing improved non-invasive cardiovascular imaging techniques, housed within our state-of-the-art research facilities in WIMR. We work closely with collaborators in numerous other sub-specialties and with the CT Research and MRI Research groups.

In addition, our section is actively involved in medical student, resident, fellow and continuing medical education. Members of our section are active in our department’s Resident Education and Clinical Competency Committees and have planned and organized local, national, and international CME conferences.

Contact Us

Section Chief

Manik Aima

Research Assistant

Meghan Anderson

Student Hourly (research)

Bob Ash

Information Processing Consultant

(608) 265-9572

Sarah Asuncion

WIMR CT Research Program Manager I

Lisa Aumann, MBA

Senior Radiology Project Specialist, Outreach

(608) 265-2889

Dongrui Bai

Student Hourly (Finance)

Carrie Bartels

Imaging Specialist (CT) Senior

Grzegorz Bauman, PhD

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

William Baumeister

Student Hourly (News & Media)

Meg Bayless, RN

Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist (Research Nurse Coordinator)

(608) 265-8580

Timothy Becker-Solic

Associate Administrative Program Specialist (Project, Space, and Quality Coordinator)

(608) 263-8311

Daryn Belden

Senior Information Processing Consultant

(608) 262-4328

Haley Bertram

Associate Instrumentation Technologist

(608) 265-8732

Zachary Borden, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor

Ryan Bosca

Research Associate

Florian Braun

Assoc Information Processing Consultant

Kimberly Breunig

Medical Program Assistant Associate (MPA - PET Research Program)

Rachael Brzycki

Student Hourly (Graphic Design)

David Campos

Research Assistant/Trainee

Kevin Cao

Research Assistant

Philip Carlson, MD

Clinical Professor Emeritus

Holly Casson, RN

Virtual Colonoscopy Clinical Program Coordinator

(608) 263-9630

Yang Chen

Visiting Professor

Liang Cheng

Visiting Associate Professor

Jason (Chih-Sheng) Chiang

Research Assistant (Employee-in-Training)

(608) 262-6321

Amanda Ciano

Global Clinical Applications Leader CT, MICT

Angela Ciano

Student Hourly (Finance)

Mark Connolly

Senior Administrative Program Specialist

(608) 263-4233

Cole Cook

Research Assistant

Jennifer Cox

Administrative Program Specialist (Project Manager, Dr. Burnside)

(608) 263-4876

Andrew Craven, MBA

IT Supervisor (Senior Information Processing Consultant)

(608) 265-1164

Beth Danielak

Associate Administrative Program Specialist

(608) 265-9688

Wendy Delaney

Senior Information Processing Consultant

Keith Dodd

Student Hourly (research)

Kelsey Doyle

Instrumentation Technologist (PET)

Lindsey Drehfal

Research Assistant/Trainee

Kelsey Dzanic

Medical Program Assistant Associate (Breast Imaging)

(608) 263-9377

Lloyd Estkowski

GE Senior Clinical Development Specialist

Sevde Etoz

Research Assistant

Lynet Frey

MR Imaging Specialist

Derek Fuerbringer

Radiology Manager — Nuclear Medicine, PET, BMD

(608) 263-0625

Sandy Fuller

Research Program Manager III

Spencer Garrison

Financial Specialist Senior

Yongshuai Ge

Research Assistant

Gemma Gliori

Sr. Administrative Program Specialist (IRB Specialist)

(608) 262-7269

Sean Gonzalez

Senior Information Processing Consultant

(608) 265-4584

Steve Graves

Research Assistant/Trainee

LuAnn Greiner, NP

Distinguished Clinical Nurse Specialist

(608) 263-8036

Jenelle Grogan

Senior Instrumentation Specialist (MR)

(608) 262-2040

Quinton Guerrero

Research Assistant/Trainee

Dieter Haemmerich, PhD

Associate Professor, Division of Pediatric CardiologyMedical University of South Carolina

Dan Hallmark

CT Technologist

Jan Hansmann, MD

Visiting Assistant Scientist

Trisha Hardy

Senior Administrative Secretary

Hoklan Hau

Information Processing Consultant (Imaging Analyst)

Ashley Hermanns

Student Hourly (Drs. Prabhakaran and Szczykutowicz)

Diego Hernando, PhD

Assistant Professor

(608) 265-7590

Cathy Hines

Research Associate

Eric Hinkel

Payroll and Benefits Specialist Advanced

(608) 263-3486

Ashley Hinrichs

Senior Administrative Assistant to the Vice Chair of Operations, Vice Chair of Research and CVMR Section

(608) 263-6042

Mitch Hoppe

CT Application Specialist

Sicen (Emily) Hou

Student Hourly (research)

Kristin Hubers

Administrative Assistant (Abdominal), Abdominal Fellowship Coordinator

(608) 263-9028

Guy Hwang

Research Assistant

Edward Jackson, PhD

Professor and Chair of Medical Physics (Tenure)

(608) 262-2171

Holly Jackson

Medical Program Assistant Senior (Neuroendovascular/Angio, Chest)

(608) 263-8328

Tyler Jacobson

Honarary Associate/Fellow

Elliott Janssen Saldivar

Student Hourly (Research, with Dr. Szczykutowicz)

Sara John

Administrative Program Specialist

(608) 262-5421

Benjamin Johnson

Associate Research Specialist

Jeanne Johnson

Medical Program Assistant Associate (Musculoskeletal Imaging and Intervention)

(608) 263-9387

Brandon Juno

Medical Program Assistant Associate (PET/CT Program)

(608) 265-8731

Lei Kang

Visiting Associate Professor

Tom Kerwin

MR Imaging Specialist

Jan Ketzler, RN

Abdominal & Thoracic Clinical Program Coordinator

(608) 263-0693

Zyaad Khader

Student Hourly (Web Developer)

Dahan Kim

Research Assistant

Scott Knishka

Facility and Operations Manager, Radiopharmaceutical Production Facility

(608) 263-0359

Lisa Koenig

Visiting Assistant Professor

Sarah Kohn

Instrumentation Technologist (Ultrasound Program)

(608) 262-4033

Anthony Kuner, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor

Christian La

Research Assistant

Ryan Legler

Senior Instrumentation Technologist

Miao Li

Visiting Assistant Professor

Marc Longino, PhD

Associate Research Scientist

Jane Lyon-archive, MD

Clinical Associate Professor

Jane Lyon, MD

Clinical Associate Professor

Carissa Manteufel

Associate Administrative Program Specialist

(608) 265-9688

Mark McNall

Senior Instrumentation Technologist (PET/CT)

(608) 265-8731

Lynda Meade

Medical Program Assistant Senior (Pediatric Imaging)

(608) 263-9088

Eric Mischo

Senior Information Processing Consultant

(608) 265-0804

Lauren Moore

Student Hourly (financial team support)

(608) 265-2167

Ellen Morin

University Services Program Associate

(608) 265-3422

Starr Moss

Student Hourly (Web Developer)

Coua Moua

Associate Clinical Nurse Specialist

(608) 265-4840

Matthias Muhler, MD

Visiting Assistant Professor

David Mummy

Research Assistant

Tanvi Nadkarni

Student Hourly

Dalong Ni

Research Associate

Amber Niay

Associate Instrumentation Technologist

(608) 261-1940

Zack Nigogosyan

Research Assistant

Nancy Odalen

Senior Administrative Program Specialist

(608) 262-9400

Tim Perk

Research Assistant

Timothy Perk

Research Assistant

Kim Pinch

Associate Director, Business Services

(608) 262-8183

Aaron Pinkston

Radiology Graduate Medical Education Program Coordinator

(608) 263-0889

Carrie Poole

Administrative Assistant (Medical Student Clerkship, Fred Lee))

(608) 263-8821

Amber Possell

Instrumentation Technologist

Kari Pulfer

Medical Imaging Manager @ 1 S. Park (CT, General, and Satellite Clinics)

(608) 287-2157

Conrad Pun, MD

Clinical Associate Professor

Ramkumar Ravikumar

Research Assistant (Employee-in-Training)

Amy Romandine, C-TAGME

Radiology Graduate Medical Education Coordinator

(608) 263-8310

Allyson Rosen, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor

Samantha Rothman

Student Hourly (News & Media)

Kayvan Samimi

Research Assistant/Trainee

Lisa Sampson, MBA, CVT

Research Program Manager (Surgical Services)

(608) 265-9943