University of Wisconsin–Madison

Scanner Comparisons

UW Hospital & Clinics

Location E1/368
Phone Number 262-6073 262-6073 261-1734 261-1734 265-8836
System ID 608263UMRH 608262MR3 608263MR4I 608263MR5W 608RIOMR1
Magnetic Field Strength 1.5 T 1.5 T 1.5 T 3.0 T 3.0 T
Scanner Type Signa HDxt Signa Artist Optima MR 450w Signa Architect Signa Premier
Software Revision HD23 DV26 DV26 DV26 RX27
Gradient Type EchoSpeed XRMw XRMw XRMw HRMw
Target Gradient Strength (mT/m) 33 33 33 33 70
Target Gradient Slew Rate (mT/m/msec) 120-EPI
120 120 120 150
Peak Gradient Strength (mT/m) 33 44 44 44 80
Peak Gradient Slew Rate (mT/m/msec) 120 200 200 200 200
Number of Receivers 8 128 32 128 146
Multi-Nuclear Spectroscopy (MNS) Installed No No No No No
Bore Diameter (cm) 60 70 70 70 70


System Name AFCHMR1
Location 1132 AFCH
Phone Number 890-7121
System ID 608CHILDMR1
Magnetic Field Strength 3.0 T
Scanner Type Discovery MR 750w
Software Revision DV26
Gradient Type XRMw
Target Gradient Strength (mT/m) 33
Target Gradient Slew Rate (mT/m/msec) 120
Peak Gradient Strength (mT/m) 44
Peak Gradient Slew Rate (mT/m/msec) 200
Number of Receivers 32
Multi-Nuclear Spectroscopy (MNS) Installed No
Bore Diameter (cm) 70

Research Park

Location 2283 2410A 2434 2414
UW Sports Medicine UW Sports Medicine UW Sports Medicine UW Sports Medicine
Phone Number 265-8337 262-8711 890-9855 262-9182
System ID 608267SMC 608263WAIS 608265MR750W 608262MR4
Magnetic Field Strength 1.5 T 1.5 T 3.0 T 3.0 T
Scanner Type Signa HDxt Signa HDxt Discovery MR 750w Discovery MR 750
Software Revision HD23 HD23 DV26 DV26
Gradient Type EchoSpeed EchoSpeed XRMw XRM
Gradient Strength (mT/m) 33 33 33 50
Gradient Slew Rate (mT/m/msec) 120-EPI 120-EPI 120 200
77-non-EPI 77-non-EPI
Peak Gradient Strength (mT/m) 33 33 44 87
Peak Gradient Slew Rate (mT/m/msec) 120 120 200 346
Number of Receivers 8 8 32 32
Multi-Nuclear Spectroscopy (MNS) Installed No No No No
Bore Diameter (cm) 60 60 70 60


System Name TACMR1 TACMR2
Location 1044 TAC 1038 TAC
Phone Number (608) 234-6668 (608) 234-6668
System ID 608890MR450W 608890MR750
Magnetic Field Strength 1.5 T 3.0 T
Scanner Type Optima MR 450w Discovery MR 750
Software Revision DV26 DV26
Gradient Type XRMw XRM
Target Gradient Strength (mT/m) 33 50
Target Gradient Slew Rate (mT/m/msec) 120 200
Peak Gradient Strength (mT/m) 44 87
Peak Gradient Slew Rate (mT/m/msec) 200 346
Number of Receivers 32 32
Multi-Nuclear Spectroscopy (MNS) Installed No No
Bore Diameter (cm) 70 60


Location 1247 WIMR 1255 WIMR B1258 WIMR
Phone Number 262-8632 261-1940 262-6115
System ID 608262WIMRMR1 608WIMRMR2 608262PETMR1
Magnetic Field Strength 3.0 T 3.0 T 3.0 T
Scanner Type Signa Premier Discovery MR 750 Signa PET/MR
Software Revision RX27 DV26 MP24
Gradient Type HRMw XRM XRMw
Target Gradient Strength (mT/m) 70 50 33
Target Gradient Slew Rate (mT/m/msec) 150 200 120
Peak Gradient Strength (mT/m) 80 87 44
Peak Gradient Slew Rate (mT/m/msec) 200 346 200
Number of Receivers 146 32 32
Multi-Nuclear Spectroscopy (MNS) Installed No Yes Yes
Bore Diameter (cm) 70 60 70

Imaging Applications

Both 1.5T and 3T MRI systems at WIMR are accredited by the ACR (American College of Radiology) MRI accreditation program, and the ACRIN (ACR Imaging Network) CQIE (Centers for Quantitative Imaging Excellence) program. MRI systems at the CSC are also ACR accredited for MRI. One system at the CSC and one system at the Research Park Clinic are ACR accredited for breast MRI.

Anatomic imaging is available for neuro, cardiac, MSK, abdominal, thoracic, peripheral, vascular, breast, and spine applications. Imaging can be performed as multi-slice 2D and volumetric 3D acquisitions (including BRAVO and CUBE for 3D isotropic T1- and T2-weighted imaging). Parallel imaging (ASSET/ARC) is available for many imaging sequences.

Gadolinium-based contrast agents can be used for an extra charge, following screening for NSF safety. Available FDA-approved Gd-based agents are Omniscan (gadodiamide), MultiHance (gadobenate dimeglumine), and Ablavar (gadofosveset trisodium). Imaging can be performed after the administration of a contrast agent for tumor imaging. FDA-approved contrast agents supplied by the investigator can be also used for human subjects. Contrast agents that are not FDA-approved and supplied by the investigator can be used after appropriate IACUC approval for animal subjects.



Fat/Water Separated Imaging

In addition to conventional fat saturation methods, fat/water separated imaging (i.e., generation of fat-only and water-only images) can be produced using the GE Healthcare IDEAL and Flex sequence variations.

Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Perfusion Imaging

DCE (T1-weighted) perfusion imaging using a Gd-based contrast agent is most commonly used for imaging tumor perfusion. Perfusion maps can be generated as part of image analysis provided by the IMAC.

MR Spectroscopy and Spectroscopic Imaging

Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) and Spectroscopic Imaging (MRSI) are available for neuro, breast, liver, and prostate applications.

Realtime Imaging

Interactive realtime imaging can be performed using the rtHawk-based system from HeartVista, Inc. which interfaces with the GE MRI systems. Applications include cardiac and vascular imaging, and neuro and body MR-guided interventions. While not FDA-approved, this system has been extensively tested, and is used in several ongoing research projects.


Neuro, Spine, and MSK

Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast Perfusion Imaging

DSC (T2*-weighted) perfusion imaging can be performed following injection of a Gd-based contrast agent. This type of imaging is commonly used in the clinic to assess the effects of stroke. Perfusion parameter maps, including the parameters rCBF, rCBV, FMT, Tmax and MTT, can be produced using locally-developed post-processing software, or software supplied by GE.

ASL Perfusion Imaging

Perfusion imaging can be performed without exogenous contrast agents for the assessment of cerebral blood flow in human subjects using Arterial Spin Labeling.

Susceptibility-Weighted Imaging

Susceptibility-Weighted Imaging (SWI) is available using the SWAN technique.

Diffusion-Weighted Imaging and Diffustion-Tensor Imaging

Diffusion-Weighted Imaging (DWI) and Difusion-Tensor Imaging (DTI, including tractography) can be performed to assess the restriction of water diffusion in tissue. Basic online diffusion parameter maps (ADC, FA) are automatically generated. DTI tractograms can be reconstructed as part of image analysis provided by the IMAC.

Functional Neuro MRI (fMRI)

Functional Neuro MRI (fMRI) is available at WIMR for research applications, and at other sites for clinical applications. Dedicated research staff acquire and process fMRI data. Commonly used paradigms include language and motor tasks such as word generation and unilateral finger tapping. Assistance is available for development of new fMRI tasks. Research fMRI studies are processed off-line using common software packages such as AFNI. Clinical fMRI studies are processed using PRISM.


Using the FDA-approved Clearpoint™ system from MRI Interventions, image-guided targeting of deep structures in the brain is possible, and can be used to guide interventions including DBS electrode placement and drug infusions.

Imaging near Orthopedic Implants

With the MAVRIC SL imaging option from GE Healthcare, imaging near orthopedic implants, such as knee and hip implants, is greatly improved by acquiring multiple image volumes with discrete frequency offsets, view-angle tilting, and specialized reconstruction techniques.


Body and Breast

Liver Fat-Fraction

Quantitative assessment of liver fat-fraction and iron content can be assessed using the IDEAL-IQ sequence.

Hyper-Polarized Gas Imaging

Facilities are available at WIMR for generating hyper-polarized Helium (He-3) or Xenon (Xe-129) gas for lung and airway imaging. Hyper-polarization of Carbon (C-13) is also available for pre-clinical imaging on the Varian 4.7T system.

Functional Body MRI

Functional Body MR Imaging is available for a wide variety of imaging scenarios. Applications include Renal BOLD and ASL perfusion imaging, quantitative liver imaging using IDEAL IQ, and liver stiffness assessment using MR Elastography (MRE).


Cardiac and Vascular

Cardiac MRI

A full suite of Cardiac MRI techniques is available, including function assessment with 2D FIESTA, real-time perfusion and motion imaging with MR-Echo, cardiac tagging, double- and triple-inversion recovery (Double-/Triple-IR) imaging, myocardial R2*(=1/T2*) mapping for iron overload evaluation, 2D- and 3D-Cardiac IDEAL for water/fat separation, delayed enhancement (DE) / late-gadolinium enhanced (LGE) imaging for myocardial viability imaging,nd 3D Heart for coronary artery imaging.

Vascular Imaging

Dedicated vascular imaging techniques, including MR Angiography (MRA) and MR flow measurements are available. Standard clinical MRA methods including Time-Of-Flight (TOF) MRA, 2D Phase Contrast (PC) MRA, non contrast-enhanced (NCE) Inhance methods from GE Healthcare, and contrast enhanced imaging including TRICKS and Fluoro-Triggered 3D MRA (with ARC parallel imaging and ROSE) are available. PC-VIPR (Phase Contrast with Vastly-undersampled Isotropic Projection Reconstruction Trajectories) is a 3D volumetric flow imaging method, developed at UW-Madison, that while not yet FDA-approved, has been widely tested and validated and is used in multiple research projects. MRA post-processing is available, and can included advanced methods for reconstruction of 3D flow data. Additional vascular imaging methods are under continual development in the MRI lab, and may also be available for research projects.

Installed Features

    UH         AFCH RP       TAC   WIMR    
    HD23 DV26 DV26 DV26 RX27 DV26 HD23 HD23 DV26 DV26 DV26 DV26 RX27 DV26 MP26
General Echo Planar Imaging                              
  Fiesta 2D                              
  Fiesta 3D                              
  2D Fat Sat Fiesta                              
  3D Fat Sat FIESTA                              
  Multi-Nuclear Spectroscopy                              
  Spectro Analysis GE                              
  Enhanced DWI                              
  Dual Drive                      
  Synthetic DWI                              
Body & Breast LAVA-XV                              
  Body (LAVA) Navigator                          
  IDEAL IQ                          
  MRTOUCH (MRE)                          
  Breast Single Voxel Spectroscopy                              
  Probe 3D Prostate                              
Cardiac & Vascular Fluoro-triggered MRA                              
  Inhance 3D Velocity                              
  Inhance 3D Inflow IR                              
  Inhance 2D Inflow                              
  Inhance DeltaFlow                              
  CINE IR                              
  3D Heart                              
  Phase-Sensitive MDE                          
  Black Blood SSFSE                          
  MDE Plus                              
  3D Cine                              
  4D Flow                              
  Cardiac T1 Mapping                              
  Cardiac T2 Mapping                              
Neuro, Spine & MSK Spectroscopy/PROBE                              
  Cube T2                              
  T2 PROPELLER                              
  DW PROPELLER                              
  Diffusion Tensor                              
  BrainStat AIF                          
  3D ASL                              
  SWAN (T2Star Weighted Angiography)                              
  BrainWave RT                              
  BrainWave PA                              
  MAVRIC SL                          
  Silent MR                    
  Silent MRA                    
  Silent T2 Propeller                        
  Silent DWI                        
  CUBE Double-IR                          
  HyperBand (DTI)                              
Third-Party Applications                                
General rtHawk (HeartVista)                              
Body & Breast MR Elastography (Mayo)                              
  Steam-CSI (UCSD)                              
  Lipoquant (UCSD)                              
Neuro, Spine & MSK Clearpoint(TM) Neuronavigation                              
Prototype Applications                                
Body & Breast IDEAL IQ (Research)                              
  Navigated LAVA                      
  Renal BOLD                              
Cardiac & Vascular PC-VIPR                              
  2D Cardiac IDEAL                              
  3D Cardiac IDEAL