University of Wisconsin–Madison

Neural Correlates of Older Driver Performance

April 2013 to April 2014

Older driver crashes result more from age-related declines in driving abilities rather than risk-taking or careless driving, as is the case for younger drivers. In particular, some of the important factors that lead to automobile crashes include cognitive decrements in memory and visual perceptual skills, visual impairment in acuity, field-of-view deficits and difficulty in judging and responding to traffic flow. This study will investigate age-related changes in driving behavior and examine correlation among neuroimaging measures, neuropsychological performance, as well as performance in a full-scale driving simulator. This is a multi-disciplinary study that involves collaborators from Traffic Engineering and Kinesiology. Correlating imaging markers with behavioral measures would enhance understanding of the neural mechanisms underlying age-related differences in driving behavior.

This project led by: Vivek Prabhakaran MD, PhD