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Dr. Avey Selected As ASNR Outreach Professor

Posted on Dec 31, 2017

Gregory Avey, MD, has been chosen by the American Society of Neuroradiology (ASNR) to take part in the Anne G. Osborn International Outreach Professor Program in 2018. The program builds on ASNR’s outreach professorship program, which began in 2015, with the objective of bringing high-quality neuroradiology education to developing areas of the world. Avey will be traveling to Ghana this fall as a visiting professor where he will be giving lectures, performing case reviews, and participating in teacher-to-student “workstation” teaching. He will spend the majority of his time working with the residents and fellows of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, the only tertiary care hospital in the country. Dr. Avey will also have the opportunity to speak at local or regional education events. "I feel very honored to be selected for the ASNR Osborn Outreach Professorship, Avey said. "This is an opportunity to take some of the efforts I have been a part of here at the University of Wisconsin and make certain they have the widest possible impact. In particular, the work that we have done in optimizing neuroradiology related MRI and CT protocols have universal application" Avey contuinued, "We are one of the few sites to field a dedicated head and neck neuroradiology service, and I am looking forward to sharing our experience in this area and learning about the needs and experiences of the neuroradiolgists working at Korle Bu hospital. The University of Wisconsin Radiology department has a strong tradition of supporting the Wisconsin Idea, and I hope that this visiting professorship will continue to add to this tradition."

Nine countries are participating in 2018: Brazil, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Myanmar, Nicaragua, South Africa, Thailand, and Ukraine.

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