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The Inside View, #15, July 2017: Comings, Goings, and Faculty Promotions

Posted on Jul 12, 2017

New Hires

  • Jacqueline Anderson, Research Intern with Dr. Yu
  • Jeanine Batterton, Radiochemist
  • Hayley Baudhuin, Student Hourly
  • David Bluemke, MD, PhD, MsB, Professor (CHS) Abdominal and Cardiothoracic Imaging
  • Dallas Boisen, Technologist, CT
  • Zachary Borden, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor Community Section
  • Chelsie Brackett, Melissa Schoenberg, Technologists, MRI
  • Justin Brucker, MD, Assistant Professor (CHS) Neuroradiology
  • Rachel Brzycki, Student Hourly, Graphic Design
  • Sara Buslaff, Instrumentation Technologist (PET)
  • Donna Christen, Financial Specialist Senior
  • Haley Cilliers, Associate Instrumentation Technologist (MRI)
  • Christina Coleman, Student Intern with Margaret Birrenkott
  • Emily Ferris, Lead Image Analyst
  • Jermina White, Kara Weatherby, Reception and Scheduling
  • Jodi Heesaker, Audrey Otto, Technologists, Nursing
  • Kelly Houck, Kayla Knipfer, Tara Winscher, Nicole Zander, Technologists, Ultrasound
  • Michael Keenan, Technologist, Diagnostic Radiology
  • Kyle Kloepping, Research Associate with Dr. Fowler
  • Kelsey Lawton, Associate Instrumentation Technologist, Ultrasound
  • Mark Sharafinski Jr, MD, Assistant Professor (CHS) Pediatric Radiology
  • Christopher Temme, Senior University Relations Specialist, Communications Specialist
  • Peng Sue Vang, Student Hourly, Help Desk
  • Kristina Weaver, Senior Administrative Program Specialist, Research Administrator
  • Ryan Woods, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor (CHS)Breast Imaging
  • Leah Yates, Imaging Specialist, Interventional Radiology

New Residents and Interns

  • Michael Bergquist, MD, General Surgery Intern
  • Nishanta Baidya, MD, Nuclear Medicine
  • Trevor Everett, MD, Internal Medicine Intern
  • Ryan Griesbach, MD*
  • Zhe Philip Guan, MD
  • John Kim, MD
  • Scott Mauch, MD, Internal Medicine Intern
  • Bradley Otto, MD
  • Matthew Petterson, MD*
  • Varun Razdan, MD
  • Jordan Ross, MD*
  • Nicholas Stabo, MD*
  • * Continuing from intern to resident

New Fellows

  • Donald G. Benson, MD, PhD, MR Fellow to Cardiothoracic Fellow †
  • Brian Y. Chan, MD*
  • Anjuli R. Cherukuri, MD
  • Courtney J. Cook, MD
  • Joseph A. Delic, MD
  • Lindsay M. Griffin, MD
  • Akshya Gupta, MD
  • Nicholas R. Harn, MD, PhD
  • Eric J. Hartman, MD, PhD*
  • Andrew M. Heckman, MD
  • Shivkumar Kambhampati, MD
  • Jillian A. Karow, MD
  • Elizabeth Maddox, MD, Abdominal Imaging Fellow to Breast Imaging Fellow †
  • Matthew D. Nitz, MD, PhD
  • Virginia B. Planz, MD
  • B. Dustin Pooler, MD*
  • Andrew J. Scarano, MD*
  • Urvi A. Tailor, MD
  • * Continuing from residency
  • † Continuing in new fellowship

Faculty Promotions

  • Edward Borman, MD, Clinical Associate Professor
  • Kara Gill, MD, Associate Professor
  • Christopher Guglielmo, MD, Clinical Associate Professor
  • Tabassum Kennedy, MD, Associate Professor (CHS)
  • Vivek Prabhakaran, MD, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Jessica Robbins, MD, Associate Professor (CHS)
  • Roberta Strigel, MD, MS, Associate Professor (CHS)
  • Timothy Ziemlewicz, MD, Associate Professor (CHS)

Department Moves

  • Peter Graffy, Research Assistant to Research Intern with Dr. Pickhardt
  • Andrew DuPlissis, Student Hourly to University Services Associate 2 with Dr. Szczykutowicz
  • Matthew Walczak, Associate Research Specialist to Student Hourly with Dr. Prabhakaran


  • Tara Austin, Technologist, CT
  • Samantha Dees, Cassidy Radjenovic, Lacey Wiederholt, Technologists, MRI
  • Elizabeth Deveau, Emily Kjelland, Imaging Specialists, Interventional Radiology
  • Jamie Hoffman, William Kosin, Adam Nelson, Melissa Post, MacKenzie Stacey, Technologists, Diagnostic Radiology
  • Lisa Kish, Imaging Specialist, Nuclear Medicine
  • Mayah Lee, Reception and Scheduling
  • Gefei Li, Financial Specialist
  • Starr Moss, Student Hourly (Web)
  • Jie Nguyen, MD, MS, Assistant Professor (CHS)
  • Theresa Robbins, Jack Trudell, Brittany Wagner, Technologists, Nursing
  • Tom Whitburn, Student Hourly (Help Desk)

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