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Patient Advisory Committee Provides Unique Perspective Towards Advancing Breast Cancer Screening Research

Posted on Jul 14, 2017

Dr. Elizabeth Burnside, a Professor in the Department of Radiology and Chief of the Breast Imaging Section as well as recently named Deputy Executive Director of UW ICTR, directs much of her research towards advancing the state of knowledge related to shared decision-making for women and their physicians regarding breast cancer screening. In an effort to enhance the patient oriented focus of this work, Dr. Burnside established a Patient Advisory Committee to serve as an essential resource for project activities. The Patient Advisory Committee was established in consultation with the Wisconsin Network for Research Support (WINRS). WINRS is a patient and community engagement resource affiliated with the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a proven track record of innovative work in community and patient engagement.

The committee includes women who have had varying experiences with screening mammography. The nine members meet on a bi-monthly basis to participate in activities outlined in the scientific aims, review study materials, and inform the long term sustainability of the project. Members of the committee have reported they find the experience to be both informative and personally rewarding. This approach aligns with the department’s goal of promoting patient centered outcomes research and will substantially increase the quantity, quality, and timeliness of useful and trustworthy information available to support health decisions and ultimately improve public health outcomes.

Recently, a member of Dr. Burnside's Patient Advisory Committee was interviewed by WINRS. That interview, as well as more information about WINRS, can be found here:

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