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Vol. 12 -- Comings & Goings

Posted on Jul 8, 2015


Katie Cusack, M.D., Lara Mrak, M.D., Matthew Pipho, M.D., Benjamin Sawatzky, M.D., Ruchi Sharma, M.D., Stephen Tang, M.D., Kelly Wepking, M.D., and Vaz Zavaletta, M.D., Ph.D., Resident Class of 2019.

Aditya Jain, MBBS, MPH, Nuclear Medicine Resident Class of 2017.

Sarah Averill, M.D., Lori Mankowski Gettle, M.D., MBA, David Kim, M.D., and Vincenzo Wong, M.D., Abdominal Imaging Fellows.

Hyonah Kim, M.D. and JulieAnn Stover, M.D., Breast Imaging Fellows.

Julie Bauml, M.D., John Bisges, M.D., and Thomas Kennedy, M.D., MRI Fellows.

Jason Blaichman, M.D., Andrew Ross, M.D., MPH, Jonathan Tresley, M.D., Adam Williams, M.D., and Garrett Woodbury, M.D., Musculoskeletal Radiology Fellows.

Michael Fazio, D.O., Samuel Frost, D.O., Judith Gadde, D.O., and C. Farhad Miah, M.D., Neuroradiology Fellows.

M. Daniela Martin, M.D., Thoracic Imaging Fellow.

Chris Luty, M.D., Vascular Interventional Radiology Fellow.

Mikaela Albright, Andrew Duplissis, Luke Endres, Ashley Hermanns, Jacob Johnson, Jennifer Jones, Salem Kheraz, Tyler Lamb, Stephen Monette, Tyler Moon, Benjamin Ratliff, Elliot Saldivar, and Amanda Ward, Student Hourly, Graphic Design.

Camilo Campo, Associate Research Specialist.

Amanda Ciano, Instrumentation Technologist, Imaging Sciences.

TJ Colgan, Ph.D., Hyung-Jun Im, M.D., Anayee Kamkaew, and Julie Stamm, Research Associates.

Rachel Davis, Assistant in MRI.

Beth Deveau and Kelsey Hellenbrand, Imaging Specialists in Diagnostic Radiology.

Amy Faith, Radiology Specialist, Community Radiology.

Kelly Hornbeck, Medical Program Assistant Associate, Neuroradiology.

Sonja Kinner, M.D., Visiting Assistant Professor, Bracco Fellow.

Brian Koehler, Financial Specialist Senior.

Anthony Kuner, M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor, Community Division.

Paul Laeseke, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Interventional Radiology.

Ben Mancheski, Senior Information Processing Consultant.

Naomi Massey, Radiology Scheduler.

Ellen Morin, University Services Program Associate, Imaging Sciences.

Melissa Myrick, Imaging Assistant at Research Park.

Ginny Powers, Ph.D., Christina Schafer, Assistant Scientists.

Christina Schafer, Assistant Scientist with Amy Fowler, M.D., Ph.D.

Tilman Schubert, M.D., Visiting Assistant Professor.

Jane Steiner, Medical Program Assistant Associate, PET/CT.

John-Paul Yu, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Neuroradiology.


J. Eva Kusmirek, M.D., Krupa Patel-Lippmann, M.D., Andrew Schapiro, M.D., Adrienne Thompson, M.D., Residents.

Claire Beaumont, M.D., Candice Bookwalter, M.D., Ph.D., Justin Brucker, M.D., Michael Cathey, M.D., Oliver Chen, M.D., Jarrod Dale, M.D., Arienne Dekarske, M.D., Kristie Guite, M.D., Neal Hall, M.D., Rian Holayter, M.D., Tom Knudtson, M.D., Robert Linville, M.D., Nicholas Marinelli, M.D., Priti Patil, M.D., James Patrick, M.D., Mark Tierney, M.D., and Ryan Woods, M.D., Fellows.

Isaac Accola, Student Hourly.

Peter Bannas, M.D., Visiting Assistant Professor, Bracco Fellow.

Krystal Canfield, Financial Specialist 3.

Ines de Castro Dutra, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor.

Margaret Fagerholm, M.D., Clinical Professor, Comunity Radiology.

John Fallucca, M.D., Assistant Professor (CHS), Interventional Radiology.

Angela Fischer, P.A., Physician Assistant, Community Division.

Elena Krupenkin, Systems Programmer.

Chris Lakner, Clinical Education Coordinator at UWHC School of Radiologic Technology.

Melissa Lantta, Ph.D., Administrative Program Specialist (Education Coordinator).

Alejandro Munoz del Rio, Ph.D., Associate Scientist and Biostatistician.

Rebecca Overland, Medical Program Assistant Associate, Neuroradiology.

Nayan Pathak, Senior Programmer Analyst.

Ping Ren, Information Processing Consultant.

Joel Shires, Medical Program Assistant Associate, Breast Imaging.

Laura Slane, Assistant Researcher.

Mary Wemett, Human Resources Assistant Advanced.


James, Brittin, M.D., and George Carberry, M.D., are now Abdominal Imaging Fellows.

Robert Bour, M.D., is now a Clinical Assistant Professor.

Elizabeth Burnside, M.D., MPH, M.S., is now a Professor (Tenure).

Ryan Holdsworth, M.D., is now a Neuroradiology Fellow.

Nevein Ibrahim, M.D., and Erik Skulborstad, M.D., are now Nuclear Medicine/PET Fellows.

Mark Kleedehn, M.D., is now a Vascular and Interventional Radiology Fellow.

Mary Legler, Me.D.., is now the Clinical Education Coordinator for the UWHC School of Diagnostic Radiology.

Meghan G. Lubner, M.D., is now an Associate Professor (CHS).

John Jerisha, M.D., and Lisa Schmaltz, M.D., are now Clinical Professors (CHS).

J. Louis Hinshaw, M.D., and Jeffrey Kanne, M.D., are now Professors (CHS).

Scott Sheehan, M.D., continues as a Clinical Instructor and with the VA.

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