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UW Health Backpack Photo Contest: UW Radiologists (and Their Backpacks) See The World!

Posted on Jan 6, 2014

The faculty and staff of UW Radiology often find themselves in the far corners of the globe while doing the important work that makes our department internationally renowned. Here are some pictures of where we've been and what we've been up to. Submit your own to!

  • Director of Business Services Margaret Birrenkott wears the backpack as she ascends a rock wall at the UW Radiology 2013 Executive Leadership Retreat.

  • Department Chair Dr. Tom Grist wears his backpack as he hugs a giant redwood tree at Sequoia National Park in California for the SAR Conference.

  • Louis Hinshaw, Jr., son of Chief of Abdominal Imaging Dr. J. Louis Hinshaw, tests out the backpack as a live well for a 40-inch Northern Pike during the 2013 Practical Imaging and Intervention meeting in Canada.

  • Imaging Specialist Charlie Stojanovich explores the ancient ruins of Mesa Verde in Colorado while using his backpack to hold 45 pounds of camera equipment.

  • Vice Chair of Finance Dr. Cristopher Meyer wore the backpack in South Africa, where he visited as a B reader to look at tuberculosis in coal miners. He also spotted an African deer called a kudu-- but somehow, he couldn't convince the animal to try the backpack on.

  • Neuroradiologist Dr. Beverly Aagaard-Kienitz shows off her backpack in Jokusarlon, Iceland at a glacial lagoon for the 38th meeting of the Nordic Society of Neuroradiology in June, 2013.

  • Chief of MRI Dr. Scott Reeder sports his backpack in Shanghai, China, where he attended the 7th annual International Forum on Liver MRI.

  • Nurse Amanda Kolterman had adventures in Greece and Sweden with her backpack. She snapped this picture in Stockholm's Harbor.

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