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Radiology Investigators Awarded $5.6M in NIH grants

Posted on Jun 12, 2006

We are pleased to announce that four of our research teams have been awarded an unprecedented $5.6M in National Institute of Health research grants during the most recent funding cycle. This accomplishment is particularly impressive given the markedly reduced NIH budget, which has led to an environment that is very competitive for research funding. Details of the projects are included below. In addition, several Radiology investigators (Drs. Field, Burnside, and Rowley) received outstanding scores on grants that will lead to funding in the next cycle. Please join me in congratulating the research teams for their success!

Dr. Fred Lee, Jr.

Wally Block

Sean Fain

Dr. Liz Sadowski

Dr. Thomas Grist

Fred T Lee, Jr. (Radiology) has been awarded almost $1.4 million for a 4-year project, "Development of Multi-Probe Radiofrequency Ablation." The project will develop a switching device compatible with a high power ART unit and explore the potential clinical benefits of combining high power RF ablation and rapid switching in comparison to current state-of-the-art RF techniques. The goal is to increase the size of tumors that can be effectively treated with RF while maintaining control of the ablation process, increase the range of tumor shapes that can be effectively treated by physicians, decrease overall treatment time when ablating large lesions or multiple lesions, and create higher temperatures throughout the RF lesion leading to more effective destruction of malignant tissue. Thomas Winter MD, Thomas Warner MD, and Dan VanderWeide MD are key personnel.

Wally Block PhD (Biomedical Engineering, Medical Physics, and Radiology) received a 5-year grant for "Real-time 3D MRI Technologies for Therapy and Diagnosis." This project will develop a real-time 4D magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system to better visualize the human vasculature adjacent to tumors. The technology will be integrated with the other interventional imaging methods to provide more focused treatment of primary and secondary liver cancers. The award is $1.274 million. Main collaborators include Russell Paul MD, Scott Reeder MD, PhD, Orhan Unal PhD, and Karl Vigen PhD.

Sean Fain PhD (Medical Physics and Radiology) and Liz Sadowki MD (Radiology) received a 5-year grant for "Monitoring Transplant Kidney Function with MRI." The project will be applying perfusion MRI and BOLD MRI tools to monitor transplant kidney function in donors and recipients. The first part of the project is to more sensitively evaluate loss of function in chronic transplant rejection. The second part is to assess response to angiotensin receptor blockade therapies with the hope of extending the lifetime of the renal transplants. The award totals $1.5 million. Key personnel include Bryan N. Becker MD, Arjang Djamali MD, Thomas Grist MD, and Elizabeth Sadowski, MD.

Liz Sadowski MD and Thomas Grist MD (Radiology) received a 4-year award for more than $1.4 million for a R21/R33, "Functional MRI of the transplanted kidney." The goal of the R21 phase of the research is to create a robust set of non-invasive imaging techniques to evaluate kidney function, specifically in the transplant population. These techniques will then be applied in the R33 phase to study allograft dysfunction in the early post-transplantation period. If this research is successful, the results will lead to new understanding of normal kidney function and reveal aspects of the pathophysiologic changes contributing to allograft dysfunction in the early post-transplantation period. Key personnel include Bryan N. Becker MD, Arjang Djamali MD, Sean Fain PhD, and Elizabeth Sadowski, MD. This grant is also unique in the sense that the application included a process for mentorship with a transition of leadership status to Dr. Sadowski, who will assume PI status for the R33 phase of the study.

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