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Reeder wins SCBT Moncada Award

Posted on Apr 5, 2006

Please join us in congratulating Scott Reeder, MD, PhD for winning a prestigous award at the annual meeting of the Society for Computed Body Tomography and Magnetic Resonance (SCBT/MR). Scott recently attended the SCBT/MR annual meeting held in Phoenix, Arizona where he presented his work "Positive Contrast Imaging of Iron-Labeled Cells using Off-Resonance Susceptibility Separation." This work describes Scott's research on new MR contrast mechanisms for imaging stem cells labeled with super-paramagnetic iron oxide particles (SPIOs). For this work, Scott received one of the society's most prestigous awards, the Moncada Award given to the best scientific paper on new contrast methods for cross sectional imaging. This award was accompanied by a $5000 grant in support of continued research on this project.

Authors from University of Wisconsin include: Scott Reeder, Catherine Gard, and Tom Grist. Co-authors are: Anthony Faranesh, Ian Chen, and Garry Gold from Stanford.

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