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Next-Generation Stroke Rehabilitation Device Proposal Receives Funding

Posted on Aug 3, 2011

The proposal "An EEG-BrainComputerInterface(BCI) Triggered Robotic Stroke Rehabilitation Device" has been selected for 1-year funding of $50,000 under the UW-Madison/UW-Milwaukee Intercampus Research Incentive Grants Program. This partnership allows for development of a next generation stroke rehabilitation device by combining the expertise of the UW-Madison team in neuroimaging (Assistant Professor of Radiology Vivek Prabhakaran) and neural biomedical engineering (Associate Professor of BioMedical Engineering Justin Williams) with the expertise of UW-Milwaukee robotic system and motion analysis labs (Assistant Professors of Occupational Science & Technology Ying-Chih Wang & Brooke A. Slavens). The research team at UW-Madison will develop an EEG-BCI system for the research team at UW-Milwaukee to combine with the ArmeoSpring robotic device in order to conduct a pilot intervention study. This study could not be accomplished without synergistic interactions between the two institutions. Other investigators include Professors Dorothy Edwards, Chair of UW-Madison Department of Kinesiology and Roger O. Smith, Director of UW-Milwaukee Rehabilitation Research Design & Disability (R2D2) Center.

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