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Dr. Reeder Assists Fellow in Winning National Research Award

Posted on Feb 28, 2011

We are excited to announce that, with the support of the UW Radiology Department’s Dr. Scott Reeder, the Department of Pediatrics’ Fellow Dr. Jennifer Rehm has been chosen to receive the 2011 Fellow Clinical Research Award!

Dr. Reeder worked as Dr. Rehm’s official research mentor. In this position, he helped Dr. Rehm complete her abstract titled, “Fatty Liver Disease in Overweight Adolescent Girls Measured with Quantitative MRI and MR Spectroscopy,” which was selected for this national award by the Society for Pediatric Research.

Dr. Reeder began working with the UW School of Medicine and Public Health in 2005. Among his many research interests are developing quantitative biomarkers of chronic liver disease and metabolic imaging with hyperpolarized 13C labeled compounds and stem cell tracking with super-paramagnetic iron-oxide labeled cells.

Dr. Rehm is a fellow specializing in pediatric endocrinology. She works for the Department of Pediatrics under the Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes.

Congrats to Dr. Reeder and Dr. Rehm!

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