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Integrated and Independent Positions

We will be accepting applications for one integrated residency spot and one independent residency spot in the 2019-2020 interview cycle. We can accommodate both ESIR and non-ESIR applicants for our independent residency spot. 

Please use the link to view information on how to apply to our IR Integrated program in ERAS.

  • IR Integrated Advanced Track NRMP Program Code: 1779416A0
  • IR Integrated General Surgery Prelim year NRMP Program Code: 1779440P5
  • IR Independent NRMP Code: 1779415F0


IR Independent ESIR Information:

Our program accepts candidates who have completed an ESIR program as well as those who did not. The program length is 1 year for those that have completed an approved ESIR program and 2 years for those who have not. All applicants must apply to our program in ERAS.