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CT Ordering Information

Memo to Referring Providers

The Department of Radiology is committed to ensuring that patients receive the appropriate CT examination, given appropriate clinical indications. So that referring providers are able to request the appropriate studies, the following anatomic clarifications are provided. These divisions are standardized nationally and are not unique to this institution.

CT Chest

Images from a CT chest begin at the thoracic inlet and extend to include the inferior aspect of the lungs and pleural space. Portions of the upper abdomen are included. However, the abdomen is incompletely imaged on a chest CT.

CT Abdomen

Images from a CT abdomen extend from the top of the liver to the iliac crests.

CT Pelvis

Images from a CT pelvis extend from the iliac crests to the symphysis pubis.

When requesting CT examinations, please be aware of the anatomy that is covered by each examination. Should you have questions pertaining to which examination should be ordered, given the clinical scenario, please feel free to contact a radiologist at any of the numbers listed below.

Last updated: 2/15/2018
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