University of Wisconsin–Madison

Admissions Criteria and Application

Admissions Criteria

University of Wisconsin Department of Radiology accepts individuals from LCME accredited medical schools who have demonstrated that they have achieved the criteria listed below. Individuals are selected on the basis of merit and there is no discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, race, cultural background, or disability.

PG2 Admission Criteria

  1. The individual has achieved at least average evaluations in all clinical rotations and in key pre-clinical courses.
  2. The individual has shown sufficient knowledge based on grade point average and USMLE scores to be able to function at the level of a PG-2 in this program.
  3. The individual has consistently had positive comments and no serious negative comments regarding their professional, ethic, and work habit skills.
  4. The individual has provided us with a complete application through their medical school ERAS system, which includes:
    • The MSPE
    • A minimum of three letters of recommendation observing them in rotations
    • USMLE Step 1 score
    • Transcript
    • Personal statement
  5. The individual has had training in an institution that we recognize as having produced graduates that are able to function at a level of a resident in our training program. This would include the individual having sufficient knowledge of language and interpersonal skills as well as cognitive, technical, attitudinal, and professional skills to be able to learn radiologic interpretation and perform image-guided intervention.
  6. The individual has not had evidence of academic difficulty or a hiatus that has been too long to allow them to function in a clinical arena without demonstration of subsequent competent performance in a relevant clinical environment.
  7. Meets all hospital admission policy standards

If any of the above criteria are not met to their fullest then phone calls may be made to ascertain whether the Dean or Associate Dean of the graduating medical school would feel that the individual has the skills necessary to participate in a residency program of this caliber before an applicant will be further considered. Alternatively, at the discretion of the Admission Committee, the application may be removed from further evaluation. A doubt in any single area of professionalism can be sufficient for exclusion from this residency.

PG2-5 Transfer Criteria

  • Recommendation from Program Director with a performance summary
  • Summary of actual evaluations in prior GME program and list of completed rotations
  • Full PG1 Application
  • Explanation of reason for transfer
  • Updated Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter from two GME supervising attendings
  • Milestones Achievement Summary


Application materials should be submitted through ERAS at by October 1.

Applications will be considered complete when we have electronically received the following items:

  1. completed ERAS application, including a brief (less than one page) personal statement indicating your goals and reasons for selecting a radiology residency
  2. three letters of recommendation
  3. medical school transcripts
  4. USMLE transcript or Board scores (COMLEX transcripts do NOT satisfy this requirement)
  5. Medical School Performance Evaluation (MSPE – Dean’s letter)

Interviews are conducted during October, November, and December.

We interview for eight radiology residency positions. All eight of the radiology positions are advanced track positions, which begin at the PGY-2 level following the completion of an internship year. We offer four preliminary positions (PGY-1), two with Internal Medicine and two with General Surgery, all at  UW Health.  The preliminary years include 2 months spent with the UW Department of Radiology.  The application and interview process is the same for both preliminary and advanced positions, and there is not a separate interview for the preliminary positions.   

  • Advanced Track NRMP Program Code: 1779420A0
  • Internal Medicine Prelim year NMRP Program Code: 1779140P2
  • General Surgery Prelim year NMRP Program Code: 1779440P4
  • IR/DR Advanced Track NMRP Program Code: 1779416A0

Please address all correspondence to:

David Kim, MD
Residency Program Director
Department of Radiology
600 Highland Ave.
Madison, WI 53792-3252

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact ,  Maggi Schrader at 608-265-8231 or