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Adenomatoid tumors are uncommon neoplasms of the paratesticular tissues, probably of mesothelial origin. The usually involve the epididymis and are primarily evaluated with US. It is a benign growth, but is usually excised surgically. It is usually not intra-testicular, but can be. As opposed to intra-testicular masses, extra-testicular masses are generally benign, but do realize that several studies have shown that up to 15-20% of extra-testicular masses end up being malignant, so be aware of the fact that extra-testicular masses are not always benign.— Answers to the questions are provided below.


39 yo male with scrotal mass

Ultrasound Images

MR Images


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  1. This abnormality is most likely to be:
    a benign neoplasm *
    a malignancy

  2. True or False: The most appropriate management is surgery (T)

  3. The most likely diagnosis is:

    Adenomatoid tumor


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