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Reveal the Solution reveal the solution


41 year-old status post bilateral mastectomies and TRAM reconstructions four years ago for DCIS found on a left breast core biopsy, now with new palpable left breast lump.

Ultrasound Images

MR Images

T2, T1 and contrast enhanced MRI images of the left breast

Mammo Images

CC and MLO views of the left breast


Reveal the Solution reveal the solution

  1. This process is associated with all of the following except:
    Retroareolar location
    Nipple discharge
    Good prognosis
    Diagnosed more frequently in premenopausal women
    Palpable mass
  2. The most likely MRI vascular enhancement pattern for this lesion is:
    Progressive enhancement
    Plateau type enhancement
    Wash out enhancement
    No enhancement
  3. What is the most likely diagnosis?


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