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Reveal the Solution reveal the solution


56 yo male s/p liver transplantation with new onset hepatic failure, sepsis, and hypotension requiring pressor support.

CT Images

3-D and axial images from current CTA

MR Images

Axial CT A/P images performed 1 month ago

Radiograph Images

3-D reconstruction of a CTA performed 1 year ago


Reveal the Solution reveal the solution

  1. Which of these is the least likely outcome of the CTA findings?
    Mesenteric ischemia
    Ischemia of the liver transplant
    Renal ischemia and acute renal failure
    Gangrene of the legs
  2. True or False: This is likely to be related to the surgical hepatic arterial anastamosis.
  3. What do you think is the primary causative etiology of the vascular findings?


Last updated: 2/19/2018
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