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Recent Cases By Date

Post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder (May 5)
Persistent right umbilical vein (intrahepatic) (April 28)
Pyosalpinx (April 21)
Diverticulitis with septic thromosis of the portal vein and intrahepatic abscesses (April 14)
Appendiceal mucinous adenocarcinoma (April 7)
Nail patella syndrome (March 31)
Gastroschisis (March 24)
Metastatic neuroendocrine tumor and adrenal myelolipoma (March 10)
Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome (March 3)
Uroterocele in duplicated system with impacted stone (February 24)
Angiomyolipoma with active hemorrhage (February 17)
Retrorectal cystic hamartoma (February 10)
Birt-Hogg-Dube Syndrome (February 3)
Peyronie's disease on CT (January 27)
Metastatic colorectal cancer (January 20)
Prostatic rhabdomyosarcoma (January 13)
Colovaginal fistula (November 18)
Subacute cholecystitis (November 11)
Incompetent cervix (October 21)
Mucinous carcinoma of the breast (October 14)
Gastric MALT (October 7)
Intraperitoneal IUD (September 30)
Medullary Sponge Kidney (September 23)
Transitional cell carcinoma (September 16)
Sympathetic Overdrive with diffuse profound vasoconstriction (September 9)
Choriocarcinoma (September 2)
Fetal hydrops and cystic hygroma (May 20)
Inflammatory pseudotumor of the adrenal gland (May 13)
May-Thurner Syndrome with DVT (May 6)
TIPS stenosis (April 29)
SMA syndrome (April 22)
Fibromuscular Dysplasia (April 15)
IgG4-related Sclerosing Disease (April 8)
Ciliated Hepatic Foregut Cyst (April 1)
Testicular and pulmonary sarcoidosis (March 25)
"Enterocele" on defecography (March 18)
Hepatoblastoma (March 11)
Paraganglioma of the bladder (March 4)
Hemobilia after liver biopsy (February 26)
Renal Lymphoma (February 19)
Right ureteral stent malpositioning (February 12)
Cleft lip (February 5)
Gastroschisis (January 29)
Splenic epidermoid (January 22)
Typhlitis (January 8)
Splenic calcifications associated with lupus (December 18)
Transposition of the great vessels. (December 11)
Succenturiate Lobe of the Placenta (December 4)
Scapholunate dissociation secondary to scapholunate ligament tear (November 13)
RTA-induced Medullary Nephrocalcinosis (October 30)
Testicular cancer (October 16)
Pulmonary Alveolar Microlithiasis (October 2)
Closed lip schizencephaly (September 25)
Transitional cell carcinoma (September 18)
Ischemic colitis (September 11)
Autoimmune pancreatitis (September 4)
Bouveret's syndrome (August 28)
Mesenteric adenitis (August 14)
Ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm (August 7)
Adenomatoid tumor of the epididymis (July 31)
Appendicitis in pregnancy (May 22)
Bicornuate uterus (May 15)
Salpingitis isthmica nodosa (May 8)
Meckel's diverticulitis (May 1)
Lead Pipe Colon in UC (April 24)
Retroperitoneal fibrosis (April 17)
Dermoid (April 10)
Intramural duodenal hemorrhage with rupture (April 3)
Necrotizing pancreatitis with air in the pancreatic bed (March 27)
Left psoas mass (March 20)
Hematocolpos (March 13)
Adrenal rests in testicle (March 6)
Two misplaced IVC filters (February 27)
Wandering spleen with torsion (February 20)
Diamniotic/dichorionic pregnancy in septate or bicornuate uterus (February 13)
Stercoral colitis/ulcer and perforation (February 6)
Hernia plug (January 23)
Splenosis (January 16)
Bennett's fracture (January 9)
Chronic ulcerative colitis with colon cancer and intussusception (December 12)
Femoroacetabular impingement (December 5)
Complete septate uterus (November 28)
Tracheoesophageal fistula (November 21)
Typhlitis (November 14)
Lipoleiomyoma (November 7)
Internal hernia with mesenteric volvulus (October 31)
Complete duplication of the ureter (October 24)
Primary sclerosing cholangitis (October 17)
Adenomyosis (focal) (October 10)
Pyelonephritis with striated nephrogram (October 3)
Ovarian Teratoma with torsion (September 26)
Fournier's gangrene (September 19)
Hirschsprung's disease (September 5)
Pyelitis cystica (August 29)
Stump appendicitis (August 22)
Tubo-ovarian abscess (August 15)
Urethral disruption (August 8)
Hemosiderosis (Secondary hemochromatosis) (August 1)
Duodenal adenocarcinoma with Krukenberg tumor (July 25)
Posterior Urethral Valves (May 30)
Main duct IPMT (May 23)
Lemierre's Syndrome (May 16)
Sialadenitis of the submandibular gland with sialith, likely chronic (May 9)
Esophageal cancer (May 2)
Tuberous sclerosis and Angiomyolipoma with bleeding (April 25)
Hirschsprung's disease (April 18)
Endometrial carcinoma (April 11)
Complete molar pregnancy (April 4)
Ectopic pregnancy (March 28)
Aggressive hemangioma (March 28)
Ovarian Torsion (February 28)
Cricopharyngeal bar (February 21)
Lipoma on Virtual Colonoscopy (February 14)
Ganglioneuroma (February 7)
Cecal volvulus (January 31)
Lymphoma in the pancreas (January 24)
Small bowel volvulus after total colectomy (January 17)
Endometriosis of the abdominal wall (January 10)
Diaphragmatic hernia with incarcarated stomach (December 6)
Clostridium Difficile colitis (November 29)
Pancreas divisum (November 22)
Achalasia (November 15)
Fournier's gangrene (November 8)
Brown fat on PET (November 1)
Tetralogy of Fallot (October 25)
Intra-pancreatic splenule (October 18)
Adrenal myelolipoma (October 11)
Hyperplastic gastric polyps (October 4)
Hemorrhagic, emphysematous cholecystitis (September 20)
Main duct IPMN (September 13)
Adenomatoid tumor (September 6)
Blastomycosis pulmonary infection (August 30)
Subchorionic hemorrhage (August 9)
Necrotizing Fasciitis (August 2)
Malpositioned IUD (July 26)
Epididymitis in patient with HSP (July 19)
Hepatic adenomas (May 3)
"Wandering" and torsed spleen with associated bowel obstruction from internal hernia. (April 26)
Unicornuate uterus (April 19)
Closed loop obstruction (April 12)
Ascariasis (April 5)
Osteoid osteoma (March 29)
Primary tumoral calcinosis (March 22)
Diverticulitis (March 15)
Right-sided aortic arch with aberrant left subclavian (March 8)
Colon cancer (March 1)
Urethral diverticulum (February 22)
AVM of the kidney (February 15)
Thymic cyst (February 8)
Kawasaki Syndrome (February 1)
Sickle cell disease (January 25)
Plastic spoon ingestion (January 18)
Intraperitoneal bladder rupture (January 11)
Cholecochal cyst (September 7)
Eosinophilic gastroenteritis (August 31)
Mucocele of the appendix (August 24)
Femoral Hernia with Small Bowel Obstruction (August 17)
Femoral artery pseudoaneurysm (August 10)
Shwachman Diamond Syndrome (August 3)
Benign urothelial polyp (July 27)
Choriocarcinoma (July 20)
Melanoma metastases with intussusception (July 13)
Ulcerative colitis (May 25)
Transitional cell carcinoma arising in a bladder diverticulum (May 18)
Multicystic dysplastic kidney (May 11)
Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis (May 4)
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (April 27)
Attenuation induced hot spot on PET imaging (April 20)
Transitional cell carcinoma (April 13)
Intracranial melanoma metastases (April 6)
Jejunal atresia (April 6)
Epiploic appendigitis (March 23)
Schistosomiasis involving the urinary system (March 16)
Ileocolonic interposition for esophageal atresia (March 9)
Endometriosis with endometriomas and hemoperitoneum (March 2)
Hematometrocolpos (February 10)
Uterine leiomyosarcoma (February 3)
Gossypiboma (January 27)
SMA Syndrome (January 20)
Pheochromocytoma (January 13)
RTA-induced medullary nephrocalcinosis (January 6)
Aberrant Righ subclavian artery (December 16)
Polycystic kidney disease (December 9)
Polymicrogyria (November 11)
Air Embolism during lung biopsy (November 4)
Cystic Lymphangioma (October 28)
Hepatocellular carcinoma (October 21)
Papillary carcinoma (October 14)
Adrenal carcinoma (October 7)
Multiple brain abscesses (September 30)
Xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis (September 23)
Utricle cyst (September 16)
Amphotericin induced nephrotoxicity (September 9)
Sclerosing mesenteritis (September 2)
Pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis (August 26)
Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (August 26)
Autoimmune pancreatitis (August 19)
Caliceal diverticulum (August 12)
Ovarian dermoid (August 5)
Presacral myelolipoma (July 29)
Pyeloureteritis cystica (July 22)
Intussception (July 15)
Ureterocele (June 3)
Internal hernia after gastric bypass surgery (May 27)
Angioedema of the bowel (May 20)
Peliosis hepatis (May 13)
Tracheal carcinoid tumor (May 6)
Bilateral extensive bronchioalveolar carcinoma (April 29)
Solid and cystic pseudopapillary neoplasm (April 22)
Appendicitis (April 15)
Mesothelioma (April 8)

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